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Welcome to the Radosevich Family's page.  Being a Radosevich is an enormous responsibility.  Each Radosevich is chosen through a rigorous screening process that begins at conception.  Inferior eggs and sperm are ignored, and only the finest chromosomes are passed on.   We created this page to help those of you unfortunate enough to not be Radosevichs understand what a Radosevich is.

We've noticed that there are a lot of us, and that we generally assume that we're all related since we all are:

Good looking - Both Elizabeth Radosevich and Lisa Radosevich have been delcared the Slivovitz Queen at the International Slivovitz Festival. 

Smart - You already knew this, didn't you?  One Radosevich is a Nobel Prize winner. (1942 for Philosophy)  Another Radosevich won a Pulitzer in 1999 for contributions to a church cookbook.  The resulting controversy threatened to schism the Radosevich family, because everyone though that their own mom's potica was better.  Fortunately, Former President Jimmy Carter was willing to mediate, and the schism healed. 

Play Design Toys: Making science simple for 20 years

There seem to be a lot of Radosevich attorneys.  We assume it's because of our dedication to justice, but it might just be that we like to argue.  Of course, there is some debate over that opinion.

Friendly - Stop by at the Slivovitz Festival next year.  It's a chance for all Radosevichs to meet!  While many members of the Radosevich family do meet at the Festival, it's actually open to the public.  To find a Radosevich at the Festival,  just listen for the noise.  Even among 500 Festival go-ers, we stand out!

Honest - If a Radosevich says it, it's probably true!  If a Radosevich puts it on the web, it's definitely true. 

Humble - We didn't want to even have a website, but they made us.

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If you're interested in buying this site, forget it!  If you're a Radosevich, and are interested in becoming the webmaster, aka younger sibling who does all the work, drop bill an email at radosevich dot com.